How to use your CannaVapo
(voor Nederlandse gebruiksaanwijzing PDF klik hier )
1. Fill the jar with water up to the orange marker
2. Put one screen in the head (top down)
3. Add your favorite herbs
4. Put the second screen in the head (top up)
5. Turn on the heat-gun in position 2
5. Set the temp on 180, 190 or 200 degrees C
6. Wait until the set temp stops flashing
7. Put the heat-gun in the CannaVapo head and fill
the vape-bag (half vape-bag for 1-2 persons, full
vape-bag for 3-4 persons)
8. Switch off the heat-gun and take it out (HOT!!!)
9. Vape and share worlds best

1. Use your CannaVapo in a responsible way
2. NEVER blow into the CannaVapo when the heat-
gun is on as the water will hit the electricity in your
3. Change the water every day, the vape-bag every
week, and clean your CannaVapo every month with
warm water and detergent

Thank you!